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REF. 38288
A half-baguette with an artisanal look for a multitude of uses. Its recipe with sourdough, rye flour, malted barley flour and malted wheat flour gives it a dark and tender centre. The blend of 6 seeds gives it a unique taste and crispy texture.
With Sourdough
Clean Label


The Gourmet Breads

Characterful breads with a specific bakery commitment to propose products with a lovely organoleptic range: intense tastes, complex shapes and finishes.

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  • Part-Baked


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Storage conditions : Store at -18°C or below before use. DO NOT REFREEZE ONCE THAWED.
Date of minimum durability : 15 Months

Physical information

Unit weight sold : 120g

Allergens - Allegations

Allergens : Cereals containing gluten
Sesam seeds
Possible traces of eggs
Possible traces of nuts
Allegations : Suitable for vegetarians


Defrosting information
Defrosting : 
approximately 0-10 min at room temperature
Baking information
Backing : 
approximately 10-12 min at 190-200°C, closed damper
Resting time information
Rack in a temperature : 
15 min at room temperature