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What's the secret of Bridor organic breads and Viennese pastries?
Carefully selected raw materials that meet the specifications of Organic Farming and Bridor's high standards resulting in an exceptional product.

Organic French Flour

By the end of 2021, 100% of the organic wheat flours used for our breads will come from French organic wheat (1). This pledge will be extended to our Viennese pastries by 2023.
(1) With the exception of weather conditions making it impossible to supply 100% French origin wheat.

Organic French Butter

Since 2019, all of the butter used in Bridor organic Viennese pastries is French. This approach began in 2017.

Organic French Eggs

Eggs from free-range hens, fed mainly on food from organic farming, in compliance with current regulations. 

Carefully selected ingredients

Organic breads and Viennese pastries made from ingredients that meet specifications of the organic farming label and Bridor's high standards resulting in an exceptional product :


  • Organic French Flour: wheat flour from local millers.
  • Organic French Butter: since 2019, all of the butter used in Bridor organic Viennese pastries is French.
  • Organic French Eggs: eggs from free-range hens
  • Organic French Apples
  • Sourdough: created in 2010 by Bridor master bakers, organic chef's sourdough starter is made from wheat flour ground on a stone mill.
  • Organic chocolate: the cocoa beans used for the chocolate comply with organic farming standards. Chocolate made in France and Belgium.
  • Organic cane sugar: made from sugar cane and produced on organically-farmed land. 


All the raw materials used in our ORGANIC breads are rigorously selected and comply with the specifications of Organic Farming. 

Available in a range of formats, our ORGANIC breads are ideal for a variety of occasions: ORGANIC rolls suitable for the catering trade, a Scandinavian-inspired paving stone, a spelt paving stone rich in seeds, a well-rounded farmhouse loaf, and a baguette to accompany meals from breakfast to dinner.

Viennese pastries

Rich in butter, these crispy organic Viennese pastries have intense notes and a meltingly soft texture.

Available in various formats, these products include all the classics of French Viennese pastries. They are suitable for every moment of consumption, for a variety of uses. 

Easily understandable recipes that contain only the essential

Our Bridor Clean Label recipes are made of natural and essential baking ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt, sourdough.

The only exception tolerated in our recipes is ascorbic acid for its decisive role in final product quality.  When present, its quantity is always less than 0.02%.

Products of the collection