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When French baking expertise is inspired by trends from here and afar, to offer Viennese pastries rich in flavours.

Pure Butter Puff Pastry

Fine Butter for meltingly soft Viennese pastries with fine puff pastry.

Bakery Cultures of the World

A range resulting from French bakery know-how and inspired by the bakery cultures of the world.

Know-how and creativity

These recipes are the result of an innovation process inspired by local cultures to propose creative and tasty products!

Flavours from near and far

Evasions is a range of Viennese pastries inspired by the bakery cultures of the whole world. 


Local flavours have been reinterpreted in our different products, such as the country-style Nordic-inspired croissant, the Zaatar croissant with flavours of the Middle East, or the Pretzel croissant, a marriage between German and French cultures.

Country-style croissant

A Nordic-inspired croissant with a dark centre and rich in seeds:


  • An original blend of 6 seeds (yellow flax, brown flax, white quinoa, millet, sunflower, nigella).


  • A surprising recipe with malted barley flour.

The Zaatar Croissant, a delicious croissant with the flavours of the Orient

  • An original recipe with a pure butter croissant dough and a traditional blend of spices and aromatic plants from the Middle East. 


  • An attractive look with a lovely golden colour and visible herbs and seeds.


  • A crispy texture on the outside and soft inside with a delicious scent of butter and aromatic herbs. 

Products of the collection