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When French baking expertise is inspired by trends from here and afar, to offer Viennese pastries rich in flavours.

Pure Butter Puff Pastry

Specific Fine Butter for melt-in-the mouth Viennese pastries with fine and well-defined lamination.

Bakery Cultures of the World

A range resulting from French bakery know-how and inspired by the bakery cultures of the world.

Know-how and creativity

These recipes are the result of an innovation process inspired by local cultures to propose creative and tasty products!

Flavours from near and far

Evasions is a range of Viennese pastries inspired by the bakery cultures of the whole world. 


Local flavours have been reinterpreted in our different products, such as the country-style Nordic-inspired croissant, the Zaatar croissant with flavours of the Middle East, or the Pretzel croissant, a marriage between German and French cultures.

Butter couque, a typically Belgian Viennese pastry.

This must-have product in Belgium is a Viennese pastry made from pure butter laminated puff pastry (croissant dough). 


Compared to a croissant, the Couque is shorter, but more voluminous and has a slightly denser and more melting texture. 


This product comes in two versions: plain couque au beurre and raisin couque au beurre.

The Zaatar Croissant, a delicious croissant with the flavours of the Orient

  • An original recipe with a pure butter croissant dough and a traditional blend of spices and aromatic plants from the Middle East. 


  • An attractive look with a lovely golden colour and visible herbs and seeds.


  • A crispy texture on the outside and soft inside with a delicious scent of butter and aromatic herbs. 

Country-style croissant

A Nordic-inspired croissant with a dark centre and rich in seeds:


  • An original blend of 6 seeds (yellow flax, brown flax, white quinoa, millet, sunflower, nigella).


  • A surprising recipe with malted barley flour.

video Butter couque

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