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Consumer health & well-being

Naturalness and Nutrition Charter

Naturalness and nutrition are central to Bridor's commitments. These values are increasingly shared by consumers, who want a more balanced diet that respects the environment.

Our R&D teams work daily to improve our recipes in order to meet these new consumer expectations.

This commitment to « CONSUMER HEALTH & WELL-BEING » is conveyed particularly through the Bridor Naturalness & Nutrition Charter which is based on three concrete actions :

Action N°1

Propose easy-to-understand recipes containing essential ingredients

Over 86% of our references have the CLEAN LABEL BRIDOR : (1)


of Viennese pastries


of Breads


of Snacks

Our Bridor Clean Label recipes are made with :

  • natural ingredients, such as flour and butter,
  • ingredients with naturally occurring colouring, aromatic, ou texture-enhancing properties, such as vanilla for flavour or turmeric for colour.

Only ascorbic acid, which plays a decisive role in the final product quality, is tolerated in our recipes. When it is used, it is always in a quantity of less than 0.02%.

We are going even further: for each new product, we question the essential character of natural origin additives in our recipes, with the objective to reduce as much as possible the ingredient lists for our recipes.

Action N°2

Improve the nutritional quality of the products

As part of its « healthier eating » policy, Bridor is committed to improving the nutritional quality of its products, without compromising on taste !


Salt is the main source of sodium in our food and is an essential nutrient for our organism to function properly. (2)

But today, we tend to have too much :

  • 9-12 g per day: average consumption of salt in the world (2)
  • Maximum 5 g per day: recommendation by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Within the framework of the WHO action plan to reduce major risk factors for non-communicable diseases, the Member States have committed to reduce salt consumption by 30% in the global population by 2025. (2)

We have put in place concrete measures to meet this global commitment.

Ongoing work to reduce salt in our products

A three-year action plan to gradually reduce the amount of salt in our breads.(3)

Goal by 2023

Rework all of our Bread recipes(3) to contain no more than 1.3 g of salt per 100 g of the consumed (baked) product.

In January 2021LargeBrushUnderline.svg

37%of our breads

are below the targetof 1,3g salt/100g of products

In January 2022LargeBrushUnderline.svg

59%of our breads

are below the targetof 1,3g salt/100g of products

In January 2024LargeBrushUnderline.svg

All our breads 3

have a salt content less than or equal to 1.3g of salt/100g of baked product.

The decrease in the amount of salt can alter the taste of the breads, for this the reduction will be progressive for the saltiest breads.

A « low salt » product range

Our range includes recipes already developed with 25% less salt than the market average.

In Europe, the « low salt » claim is only possible for recipes with a salt content that is at least 25% lower than the average of similar products on the market (4).

For each country, we used an official database representative ot this market.

Non-EU countries : this claim may not be suitable. Contact our quality department for information.

Reduction in the sugar content of our products

In Viennese Pastries, optimising our recipes into Clean Label also allows us to reduce the amount of sugar in our fillings.

Action N°3

Offer tasty products with a commitment to well-being and healthier eating

In line with current trends for naturalness and nutrition, we offer a HEALTHIER EATING collection and an ORGANIC collection which spotlight our products in response to consumer demand.

Consumer health and well-being :

From breads made with pulses or without gluten, to croissants without ascorbic acid or lecithin, Bridor reinvents itself every year to offer tasty products committed to well-being and healthier eating as part of its « Better Living » range.

Our collection also includes gluten-free breads and pastries, such as L'Amibiote, a delicious fibre-rich baguette.

See the wellness range
The environment

A concern close to Bridor's commitments.

It is embodied by the organic collection, which contains products made from raw materials from organic farming.

Our R&D teams work constantly to feed tomorrow's innovations.

See the organic range

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