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Preparation instruction

Bridor assists you in the preparation of your products !

Because quality is our obsession and because nothing beats the satisfaction of serving perfectly prepared products to consumers, we are making available to you the valuable preparation advice of our baking experts.

  • A selection of videos with the different steps of preparation and our tips on how to use them.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for baking Bridor products perfectly and creating unique sensory experiences.

Quality for over 30 years !

Bridor uses production methods that respect the products and the resting times necessary for the development of flavors. Our teams are made up of bakers, engineers and quality experts who work on mainly pure butter pastries, made in the French tourier tradition. The breads are made from a minimum of T65 flour and some are made with sourdoughs that have been maintained for nearly 15 years.

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  • Baking Instructions : Maxi Viennese Pastries

    Viennese Pastries

  • Baking Instructions : Mini Viennese Pastries

    Viennese Pastries

  • Backing instructions : Maxi size salty snack


  • Baking Instructions: Ready-to-Prove Viennese pastries

    Viennese Pastries

  • Baking Instructions : Rolls


  • Baking Instructions : Ready-to-Bake Viennese Pastries Mini / Lunch

    Viennese Pastries