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BRIDOR SAS, with capital of €19,700,000.00, registered in the Rennes trade and company register no.491 668 893, head office ZA Olivet 35530 Servon-sur-Vilaine.
Telephone: +33 (0)2 99 00 11 67
SIRET company number: 491 668 893 000 10
N° VAT : FR53491668893

Philippe Morin

Delaware Consulting
47 Rue Waldeck Rousseau, 
69006 Lyon
+33 4 72 83 41 41

125 Avenue de la République 
59110 La Madeleine


Unique Bridor Identifier: FR213556_01BIUK

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UK Tax Strategy Le Duff Group

Tax strategy

Brioche Doree Limited, Bridor UK Limited and Bridor SAS (the Companies) are part of the worldwide Le Duff Group (the Group). This tax strategy applies to UK taxes applicable to the Companies and is effective for the financial year ending 31 December 2018. The publication of this statement is regarded to comply with paragraph 22(2) Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. This strategy will be reviewed annually.

Approach of the Companies to risk management and governance arrangements in
relation to UK taxation

The Companies have processes and procedures in place to ensure that they comply with UK tax legislation in respect of their UK tax filings, payment of UK taxes and other UK tax compliance obligations. Ultimate responsibility for complying with UK taxation obligations lies with the directors of the UK Companies, with responsibility delegated to senior individuals in the finance function of the Group where appropriate. Advice is also sought from our external UK tax advisers where appropriate.

Attitude of the Companies towards tax planning (so far as affecting UK taxation)

The Companies aim to meet their business objectives and as such, seek to be efficient in relation to UK tax by claiming reliefs and allowances that are available in accordance with UK tax legislation. The Companies have not entered into, and do not intend to enter into, tax planning arrangements that would be considered aggressive or contrived with the main purpose of reducing or eliminating UK taxation liabilities.

Level of risk in relation to UK taxation that the company is prepared to accept

Risk in relation to UK taxation is one of the commercial risks that the Group has to consider and seeks to minimise as part of its overall risk management. As part of this risk management in relation to UK taxation, the Companies aim to ensure that taxation liabilities which it considers to be due are paid by the due date, that UK tax reporting and compliance obligations are met and that a policy of full disclosure to the tax authorities is operated where appropriate.

Approach of the Companies towards their dealings with HM Revenue & Customs

While the dealings of the Companies with HM Revenue & Customs are generally limited to responding to any queries raised, the Companies seek to maintain an open and constructive relationship with HM Revenue & Customs, dealing with them in a professional and respectful manner.