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Mini Delights

Mini Delights

Delectable mini Viennese pastries in various shapes and multiple flavours.

Pure Butter Puff Pastry

Fine Butter for meltingly soft Viennese pastries with fine puff pastry.

Mini formats

Popular formats for breakfast and tasty snacks.

Delicious flavours

A wide range of Viennese pastries with original and well-loved flavours.

Delectable mini Viennese pastries!

Today, consumers expect to enjoy food. They love new sensations, new, original and delicious taste experiences.
Indulgent Mini Viennese Pastries combine new flavours and new textures with original shapes and attractive toppings. This collection provides originality and indulgence thanks to a unique taste experience. 


Our Indulgent Mini Viennese Pastries are made with pure butter for a fine puff pastry with a crispy texture and unrivalled taste. The recipes are very generous and rich in taste for an explosion of flavours in the mouth. The mini formats are trendy products for breakfast and sweet snacks as a treat!

Mini Friandises: when the Viennese pastry meets sweets!

Viennese pastries with original and attractive appearances, generous fillings and 100% pure butter recipes to the delight of many:


  • Mini Chocolate Twist: a grand classic that appeals to children and adults thanks to its custard cream with chocolate chips,


  • Mini Raspberry Extravagant: a very indulgent mini roll with delicious raspberry filling. 


  • Mini Praline Finger: a mini Viennese pastry at the height of indulgence! Its delicious praline centre is enhanced thanks to its crunchy crushed hazelnut topping. 


  • Mini Vanilla Triangle: a mini Viennese pastry with an original shape that reveals its delicious filling! Madagascar vanilla custard cream combines deliciously with the crispy crêpes dentelles topping...

Products of the collection