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The Delights

The Delights

 Over 10 years of know-how and expertise to offer a range of pastries with intense and varied flavours. 

Pastry-making, the art of a sweet treat

Combining elegance and modernity, our pastries are made following the precepts of French pastry-making know-how.

Hand-made finishes

Because a pastry is initially devoured by the eyes, Bridor teams pay great attention to the pastry finishes. 

A range for every need

Products available in different flavours and packaging to meet customers' needs and expectations.

Delicious, tasty and trendy macarons.

Bridor macarons combine cold-prepared French-style meringue and a colourant-free* ganache made with fruit purée and natural flavourings.


This association makes Bridor macarons soft, rich and crispy. 


* The colour of the raspberry ganache is provided by concentrated beetroot juice

Products of the collection