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Breads of Indulgence

Breads of Indulgence

Very tasty breads that are distinguished by their recipes enhanced with sweet or savoury add-ins, but always on a bread base made entirely from French bakery know-how.

Delicous and rich

Delicious recipes rich in sweet and savoury add-ins.

Exceptional formats

Roll and loaves for different requirements.

Moments of consumption

At breakfast, lunch, teatime or aperitif, this indulgent range will accompany you at every moment of the day!

Breads of indulgence

61% of Europeans like gourmet breads, rich in pieces (walnuts, dried fruits, etc.)*


Through the "Les Gourmands" collection, Bridor offers you a selection of breads with singular recipes, with generous quantities of fruit, seeds and cereals for distinctive tastes.
These breads, inspired by French baking expertise, are distinguished by their melting, airy crumb, crisp crust and inclusions. The various scarifications add a unique touch to these creations.
To share or enjoy in thin slices, at any time of day!

*Bridor survey on 10,000 consumers representative of the population, in 10 countries in Europe (France; Germany; Netherlands; United Kingdom; Italy; Spain; Denmark; Poland; Czech Republic; Romania), December 2022

B'Break, delicious, practical and trendy bread rolls

At a time when indulgence and pleasure are becoming real issues for consumers, Bridor invites you to discover its B'Break range.


Generous sweet and savoury recipes in an ideal 70g format for on-the-go consumption. Designed to be eaten on their own, as a side dish or as a base for toasts and other creations, B'Breaks can be used at any time. 


These 100% baked breads are easy to use and ready to serve after just 45 minutes of defrosting.

Easily understandable recipes that contain only the essential*

Our Bridor Clean Label recipes are made of natural and essential baking ingredients: flour, water, yeast, salt, sourdough.

The only exception tolerated in our recipes is ascorbic acid for its decisive role in final product quality.  When present, its quantity is always less than 0.02%.


*With the exception of Chorizo B'Break. Improvements will be made shortly.

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