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Walnut Loaf 300g

Breads of Indulgence

REF. 40496
A delicious loaf, rich with nuts. Its typical taste and dark crumb are enhanced by the carefully selected rye flour.
The benefits of this product :
  • An indulgent recipe with a generous portion of walnuts
  • Wheat sourdough, made in our workshops, for a hint of tanginess
  • A loaf full of character with a dark crumb and rustic look
Storage conditions  :  Produit congelé-surgelé
Date of minimum durability  :  15 months
Unit weight sold  :  30 g
Nutritional values per 100g  :  319.2
Allergens  :  Possible traces of other nuts wheat Cereals containing gluten tree nuts Possible traces of sesam seeds Possible traces of milk Possible traces of eggs Possible traces of almonds Possible traces of hazelnut nuts barley Possible traces of pistachio Rye
Allegations :  Halal certified Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for vegans
Defrosting information
Defrosting : 
approximately 0-10 min at room temperature
Baking information
Backing : 
approximately 11-13 min at 190-200°C, closed damper
Resting time information
Rack in a temperature : 
15 min at room temperature