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butter Couque 75g

REF. 40942
A butter couque range with a soft and crispy texture.
The benefits of this product :
  • A pure butter Viennese pastry inspired by Belgian know-how
  • A distinctive diamond shape with short sides and well-developed layers of pastry in the centre
  • Ready-to-bake 75 g format
Storage conditions  :  Produit congelé-surgelé
Date of minimum durability  :  12 months
Butter Type  :  Fine Butter
Unit weight sold  :  75 g
Nutritional values per 100g  :  359
Allergens  :  wheat Cereals containing gluten Possible traces of nuts Possible traces of sesam seeds milk Eggs Possible traces of soya Possible traces of almonds Possible traces of hazelnut
Allegations :  Halal certified Suitable for vegetarians


Tray arrangement information
Tray arrangement : 
12 items on a tray
Defrosting information
Defrosting : 
approximately 30-45 min at room temperature
Baking information
Backing : 
approximately 15-18 min at 165-170°C, open damper
Resting time information
Rack in a temperature : 
15 min at room temperature