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Country-Style Loaf Organic 400g

REF. 37448
An exceptional country-style loaf, full of character with a lovely appearance and wonderful honeycomb texture, as well as intense taste. The result is due to long fermentation, a rare hydration rate, leavening on a millstone (T80 wheat flour ground on a stone grinder) and the choice of polka marking so that each loaf is unique.
With Sourdough
Clean Label


Naturalness and Nutrition

What's the secret of Bridor organic breads and Viennese pastries?
Carefully selected raw materials that meet the specifications of Organic Farming and Bridor's high standards resulting in an exceptional product.

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  • Part-Baked


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Storage Conditions

Storage conditions : Produit congelé-surgelé
Product lifetime : 15 months

Physical information

Unit weight sold : 30g

Allergens - Nutrition Information

Nutritional value (kcal) per 100 g of frozen product : 233.9
Allergens : Cereals containing gluten
Possible traces of nuts
Possible traces of sesam seeds
Possible traces of milk
Possible traces of eggs
Possible traces of almonds
Possible traces of hazelnut
Possible traces of nuts
Possible traces of pistachio
Various information : Halal certified
Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegans
Defrosting information
Defrosting : 
approximately 0-10 min at room temperature
Baking information
Backing : 
approximately 16-18 min at 190-200°C, closed damper
Resting time information
Rack in a temperature : 
15 min at room temperature