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Preparation time

60  min


Hervé Pichard

Recipe created by :

Hervé Pichard, Baker Expert Japon


Moments of consumption :

Aperitif Dinner Breakfast Brunch Snack Lunch

Picto_ingredients.svg List of ingredients

  • 25 g Umeshu syrup
  • 12 g neutral glaze
  • 2 x 5 g strawberry confit
  • 25 g Sakura flavoured Chantilly cream
  • Pinch of Sakura powder 
  • One chocolate Sakura cherry blossom 
  • Gold leaf flakes 
  • One 5 cl Organic Umeshu pipette

Picto_preparation.svg Preparation steps

  • Soak unsold croissants from the previous day in the Umeshu syrup. 
  • Arrange them in Flexipan baba moulds then place them flat in the freezer so that they take the shape of the moulds.
  • Remove them from the moulds and cover them with glaze twice.
  • Once the products are no longer dripping and the glaze has set, place them in the baba tub. 
  • Fill the centre of the baba with homemade strawberry confit then pipe with the Sakura-flavoured Chantilly cream. 
  • Sprinkle the Sakura powder (large pieces) over the Chantilly. 
  • Decorate with a small piece of gold leaf and a chocolate Sakura cherry blossom. 
  • Insert the pipette filled with Umeshu into the side.