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Understanding our collections



Generous and varied fillings to meet the growing snack market.

The Gluten Free range

Thanks to its Gluten Free range, Bridor provides a solution for catering professionals who are increasingly asked for these products by their customers. A range of 5 references, consisting of individual rolls and pastries, which multiple advantages:

  • Enjoyment : products that are as indulgent as conventional products.
  • Safety: no contamination possible thanks to the individual wrapping which can go in the oven up to 160 °C or in the microwave.
  • Speedy kitchen to plate time: Fully baked products, ready in just a few minutes.

The Organic range

With an increasing number of consumers seeking enjoyment, well-being and respect for the environment, Bridor has developed a range of organic-certified breads and pastries. They are made from raw materials produced from organic-certified farming: no fertilisers, no pesticides, no synthetic chemical planthealth treatments. Bridor Organic products, made with as few additives as possible, therefore respect the environment and health. Our commitments:

  • 95% of the selected raw materials are from certified organic farming.
  • Production that respects traditional methods according to the Bridor method.
  • Organically certified by ECOCERT®.* Except treatment agent for flour, salt and yeast.

Bridor Une recette Lenôtre Professionnel

Bridor and Maison Lenôtre have joined forces to offer catering professionals exceptional petits fours with meticulous finishes, intense flavours and noble ingredients. This range reflects the tradition of French patisserie: Lenôtre excellence in a Bridor petit four!


Give free rein to your imagination with these products, to customise as you like.