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A full range of products inspired by the Portuguese bakery culture

Made in Portugal

A full range of products made in Portugal 

Inspired by bakery know-how

Inspired by Portuguese traditions, for a qualitative and gourmet range of bakery products

Flexibility & Speed

A wide range of frozen products that are practical to prepare 

Delicious ready-to-bake savoury snacks

A range of savoury puff pastry snacks with popular flavours to meet market expectations:

- The Ham & Cheese Puff 100 g: a savoury snack consisting of butter puff pastry and a generous filling: a slice of ham and emmental! To satisfy hunger at any time of day


- The Sausage Puff 120 g: a delicious and generous snack made with crispy puff pastry filled with a sausage 

Breads with a rustic look, worked slowly and pre-baked in a stone deck oven

A selection of breads with a variety of formats and delicious recipes
- Large loaves: generously-sized breads with lovely rustic looks

- Rolls: generous bread rolls with rustic looks and popular recipes

- Mini breads: mini 33 g breads with varied and delicious recipes, perfect to accompany a meal

Typical pastries inspired by Portuguese traditions

A range of indulgent and delicious pastries inspired by the Portuguese bakery culture:

- Pastel de Nata: the iconic pastry from Portugal made with puff pastry with a slightly caramelised taste and exquisite egg-based cream infused with cinnamon sticks and lemon zest while warm.

- Bola de Berlim: a very popular pastry in Portugal, especially in the summer. This doughnut is made with a fried, soft dough with a light honeycomb texture and then sliced and generously filled with delicious fillings.