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REF. 33982
The incomparable quality of Eclat du Terroir in one mini pain aux raisins: creamy confectioner’s custard, a generous size, a panoply of naturally sweet raisins and light, crispy layers.


Éclat Du Terroir

Drawing inspiration from French pastry-making tradition, Éclat du Terroir distils Bridor
expertise into a selection of exceptional Viennese pastries. A recipe made exclusively with pure butter, with gentle and steady dough lamination and long proving times for a puff pastry of exceptional quality in terms of both texture and flavour, and a wealth of natural aromas. A unique experience which combines all the senses: a lovely golden colour, delicate crispiness, a characteristically firm texture and a final, unique caramel butter note.

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    Ready to Prove

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Storage conditions : Store at -18°C or below before use. DO NOT REFREEZE ONCE THAWED.
Date of minimum durability : 9 monthes


Butter Type : Fine Butter

Physical information

Unit weight sold : 35g

Baking Instructions

Baking Instructions Video https://www.youtube.com/embed/VjnOLj6xvV8

Allergens - Allegations

Allergens : Cereals containing gluten
Possible traces of nuts
Possible traces of soya
Allegations : Suitable for vegetarians