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Tray of Raspberry macarons (48 x 12 g)

Bridor Une Recette Lenôtre Professionnels

REF. 35721
A raspberry macaroon with a rich raspberry compote, a slightly domed and smooth glossy shell, and a light texture for a moment of delicate indulgence
The benefits of this product :
  • The freshness of raspberry in an indulgent macaron
  • Attractive shells made with French meringue
  • Filled with raspberry compote
  • A crispy texture at first, which then melts in the mouth
    Date of minimum durability  :  12 months
    Unit weight sold  :  12 g
    Nutritional values per 100g  :  370
    Allergens  :  Possible traces of milk Eggs Possible traces of soya Possible traces of other nuts Almonds Possible traces of hazelnut Possible traces of nuts Possible traces of pistachio
    Allegations :  Halal certified