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3 Finedor

New Finedor®

To mark 10 years of Finedor® and the 20th anniversary of the Bridor and Maison Lenôtre partnership, there are now 3 NEW VERSIONS of this exclusive, emblematic product!

Pleasure and health
Super-foods and super-grains are natural and used to provide specific – sometimes multiple – health benefits.

Espelette Pepper Finedor®
Just the right dose of pepper to give a gorgeous ochre colour and a subtle spicy finish. A spice grown in the French Basque country.

Finedor® Country Style
A rustic take on the Finedor®! Made with wheat and buckwheat sourdough, to create a refined yet typically rustic taste.

Finedor® Ancient Grains
This recipe features spelt sourdough (the ancestor of wheat), and a unique blend of grains made up of ancient varieties (chia, amaranth, red quinoa, and millet) combined with sesame and sunflower seeds.

affiche mini friandisescroissant fourresroule pesto

Mini Treats

Mini Treats, a new assortment of four mini pastries: new shapes, truly indulgent recipes and generous toppings. Familiar pastry formats now available as mouth-watering mini treats:

35g Mini Raspberry Roll
A tasty mini pastry with a delicious gourmet raspberry filling. Its unique pink sugar topping adds extra crunch.

35g Mini Praline Finger
A mini pastry with maximum gourmet flavour! A gourmet praline centre is set off by a crunchy praligrain topping (crushed hazelnuts and almonds).

Mini Torsade Chocolat 28g
This great classic is a favourite with young and old alike, thanks to its confectioner’s custard filling and chocolate chips.

40g Mini Jésuite filled with Madagascar vanilla custard
and topped with crispy lace crepe A mini pastry with a unique shape that hides a gourmet filling inside! The Madagascar vanilla custard pairs perfectly with the crispy crepe topping.

Filled croissants

Pastries with maximum gourmet flavour !

A new range of four truly indulgent croissants, a new take on the French classic! Croissants with generous, melt-in-the-mouth fillings and appetizing colourful toppings to show what flavour they are. A new range of four truly indulgent croissants, a new take on the French classic!

4 incredibly indulgent recipes :
90g Apricot filled Croissant
90g Raspberry filled Croissant
90g Custard filled Croissant
90g Cocoa-Hazelnut filled Croissant

Pesto Swirl

This delicious 100g pesto roll is full of flavour and is the ideal lunchtime companion. Its surprising filling is inspired by the Italian sunshine and is made with carefully selected ingredients (basil, cheese, and garlic).

mini roulés arc en cielmacaron bridorso moelleux individuels

Mini Arc-en-Ciel Swirls

Mouth-wateringly inspired pastries!
Three delicious recipes have been created to mark the 20th anniversary of the partnership between Maison Lenôtre and Bridor.

40g Chocolate Cranberry Mini Swirl
A very contemporary recipe in which the subtle tartness of cranberries pairs perfectly with the intense flavour of chocolate flavoured custard.

40g Apple Tart Mini Swirl
Harking back to culinary tradition with its generous, tasty caramelized apple compote and apple pieces.

40g Walnut & Caramel Mini Swirl
The ultimate indulgence with a unique recipe combining the creaminess of a caramel flavoured custard and the crunch of walnuts.

Bridor macaroons

Bridor macaroons and their whipped ganache centre
With their blend of French meringue and whipped ganache, Bridor macaroons are a tender treat, smooth yet crunchy at the same time. No artificial flavouring or colouring.

Macaroon assortment
An assortment of eight classic flavours. Bite into the crunchy shell then enjoy the melt-in the-mouth smoothness.

The Divine Collection :

20g Macaroons
A generous format and a choice of eight flavours for a truly indulgent treat.

Spring/Summer Macaroon Collection
These six colourful fruit flavoured macaroons and their toppings are sure to tantalize the taste buds.

So Moelleux Individuals

Enjoy a guaranteed gourmet experience with these individual pure butter SO Moelleux contain no palm oil or preservatives.

A pure butter madeleine, beautifully golden in colour with a lovely soft texture - reminiscent of the renowned Commercy madeleine!

A traditional recipe and generous dose of almond powder for this pure butter financier.

Chocolate cake
A soft cake that will take you back to childhood and Grandma’s chocolate cakes. 24% chocolate in this pure butter cake (18%)

An abundance of pecans in an Americanstyle pure butter brownie.

Naturel banana flavoured cake
An exotic touch with this soft cake flavoured with bananas and 17% butter.

baguette caractèrebaguette extracroissant beurre d'echire

"Caractère" Baguette

Caractère… the traditional baguette

Original look designed to look like it is right out of the oven, thanks to its “Polka”- type scoring and its stockier shape, shorter, and wider compared to classic baguettes in the market. Perfect for seducing consumers who are looking for more authenticity.

Original taste owing to its mix of traditional wheat flour (T65) & “Gaude” flour (roasted cornmeal), along with wheat sourdough. A recipe with an exclusive taste, with zero acidity that will win over even the most exacting consumers.

Incredible open crumb & excellent storage thanks to its natural sourdough fermentation process and an exceptional moisture level.

"Extra" Baguette

Extra flexible & Extra tasty
Longer and wider than a classic baguette, this is ideal for everyday use:
– cut in half for a sandwich use (square ends make it easy to handle),
– unsliced for direct sales,
- sliced for restaurant bread baskets.

Made with a “Label Rouge” wheat flour which is a famous French sign of quality. Consistent and with a fine crumb, its well-loved flavour is always a hit.

Croissant Lunch with Echiré butter

To mark the 20-year partnership between Maison Lenôtre and Bridor, the 30g lunch croissant, an emblematic product in the range, is now available in a new Échiré butter version.
A historic Lenôtre recipe with a milkier flavour, for a croissant that’s lighter and even more melt-in-your-mouth! Everyone will love it! It is the ideal way to set this pastry apart from the hotel breakfast staple! Consumers who are attentive to origins and quality labels will be delighted to learn that Échiré butter, from the Poitou-Charentes region, has PDO status.

Did you know ?
Échiré Butter, from small village in Deux Sèvres in the Charentes-Poitou region, has PDO status. It is made in a traditional way in a wooden churn, using pasteurized cow’s milk cream that has been biologically and physically matured.