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Founding Chairman of the Le Duff Group (Brioche Dorée, Del Arte, Fournil de Pierre, La Madeleine, Ferme des Loges). Bridor set up in Quebec and then North America, supplying the North American market with suitable products and preparations. In 1988, Bridor de France was established near Rennes in Brittany. From its beginnings as a Research Centre focusing on bakery manufacturing (CERFAB), Bridor de France gradually shifted to the production of frozen pastries to meet increasing demand from the high-end market. Bridor de France has a unique production plant, in keeping with the core concept laid down by Louis le Duff right at the outset: “artisanal products combined with industrial management”.

Frédéric Lalos MOF

Located in Servon-sur-Vilaine in Ille-et-Vilaine, Bridor de France produces a full range of Enjoyable Bakery products embodying French lifestyle and entertaining arts: elegance, refinement, flavours, pleasures, conviviality, and sharing. The complete Plaisir range of delightful bakery and pastry products from Bridor de France perfectly embodies the French art of living and entertaining steeped in elegance, refinement, taste, pleasure, cheer and sharing.

Bridor de France professional clients all have the same high requirements

uncompromising quality for pure butter croissants and crispy, tasty baguettes; fine appearance, golden colour and crispiness; the incisive flavour of wheat and butter – and a range of rich, delicate aromas in a natural product. Bridor de France provides demanding professionals with fresh, high-quality bakery solutions to suit their positioning, requirements and operational considerations: continental breakfasts, bread for individual servings and baskets, sandwiches, breaks & snacks, catering and banquets. Present in over 90 countries, Bridor de France spreads the French art of living through its traditional bread recipes, its exquisite pure butter croissants and its refined macaroons.

Produits Bridor

Bridor de France has chosen freezing as its method of conservation.

This natural technique has been used since time immemorial by the Inuit to preserve their fish. Freezing does not alter the flavour. What counts is how good the quality is at the outset – and Bridor aims to achieve excellent quality. The use of frozen ingredients enables professionals to offer fresh baguettes and croissants at any time: all day long, all year round, all over the world. Bridor de France’s frozen products are tasty, varied, easy to use, economical and always available, providing total satisfaction. True to its core value of “artisanal products combined with industrial management” Bridor de France takes the utmost care with its bread and pastry production, maintaining the very best quality – and thus in popular demand by major hotels worldwide.

The raw materials used by Bridor de France

are stringently selected, of the highest quality and as natural as possible. Each ingredient (flour, water, baking powder, yeast, grains, butter, cocoa, fruit) is subject to strict specifications and quality control throughout the manufacturing process, right through to the final product. Bridor de France meets the most stringent requirements in terms of health, safety and traceability. The ingredients selected by Bridor de France are noble raw materials. For example, the vanilla flavouring used in the cocoa paste preparation to make pains au chocolat is completely natural (vanilla pods) rather than the artificial chemical flavourings that are often used by others. Ever since it was founded,Bridor de France has guaranteed that all its pastries use only pure butter, with no hydrogenated fat (margarine, etc. Because health, pleasure and naturalness are essential, Bridor de France has been ramping up its R&D work over the years, developing high-quality recipes that are as healthy and as natural as possible. The launch of a range of AB certified organic Bridor de France bread and pastries, made using environmentally-friendly, organically-farmed raw materials, bears witness to this commitment.

Bun'n'Roll Pâtisserie

Being close to our clients

also involves daily commitment on the part of Bridor de France teams to ensuring maximum client satisfaction. Featuring quality, availability, punctuality, compliance and safety, Bridor de France meets the highest requirements, including IFS and BRC food quality and safety standards. The secret of Bridor de France is that we draw inspiration from the key characteristics of traditional French baking, which is slow, gentle and temperate. The doughs are given long rising times, allowing yeasts the necessary fermentation period. These long fermenting times allow tasty breads and pastries to be produced, featuring ranges of rich, intense, complex, natural aromas, similar to those of a great wine or cheese. Eschewing the headlong rush for productivity and cost-cutting, Bridor de France remains faithful to its values of quality and authenticity. Bridor de France works closely with its clients, carrying out regular vocational events training in best practices, all over the world. This training allows the final quality to be improved by developing the skills required at each stage of use: traying, proofing, eggwashing, baking, finishings, presentation, use, and so on.

Bridor enthusiastically upholds the values of gastronomy

and plays an active part itself. The firm has had an ongoing partnership with Lenôtre-Paris for over 10 years. Under the “Une Recette Lenôtre Professionnel – Paris” licence, Bridor de France manufactures ranges of prestige bakery items devised by Lenôtre Master Bakers. Since 2011 Bridor has also worked with Frédéric Lalos, prizewinning master baker, on a range of traditional loaves. In his search for excellence, this inimitable craftsman has breathed new life into French Baking, notably by making traditional loaves with character fashionable once again. In 2016 Bridor celebrates 10 years of its emblematic Viennese pastry range, Eclat du Terroir. Since its launch in 2006, Éclat du Terroir has helped ever more professional bakers to give full expression to their creativity every day. The AOP pure butter croissant remains the spearhead of the range and France's favourite croissant according to consumer panels. Convinced of the need to protect and pass on our common heritage of French baking, pastrymaking and gourmet cooking all over the world, Bridor de France sponsors various professional bodies, schools and awards known for their contribution to the art of good food. These include the Institut Paul Bocuse, the Académie Culinaire de France, the International Club des Toques Blanches and Eurotoques. Since 2011, Bridor has been the official baker and one of the prestigious partners of the Bocuse d'Or.

Bridor MOF