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Bread know-how

Bridor offers a wide selection of crispy golden baguettes and stone-baked loaves and rolls, destined for hotel and catering professionals. The range includes prestigious recipes crafted by master bakers from the Lenôtre School in Paris. They help make Bridor a renowned provider of bread and pastries to delight the taste buds of even the most discerning gourmets.

The recent launch of a range of Bridor by Lalos traditional loaves has been a resounding success. These outstanding products are suitable for any establishment looking to offer high-quality products. Bridor takes the greatest care in selecting its flour – this must be of at least T65 category – to ensure high-quality deep-frozen bread made as traditionally as possible. Bridor is constantly engaged in research, devising products that are a skilful blend of health and wellbeing.


Bread baked to 90% of the cooking time that can be finished in any oven to bring out all its flavours and obtain a perfect crust. The Bridor parbaked bread range has something for everyone: baguettes, sandwich bread, traditional loaves for sharing and rolls.


Fully baked frozen rolls that need only be defrosted before serving. A ready-to-serve product for professionals without ovens.

Viennese pastry know-how

Products made using unique recipes created by master bakers 

As a staunch defender and promoter of gourmet foods, Bridor de France chooses to follow the finest traditions of French baking, with a firm positioning and clear commitments: Bridor’s recipes are created by master French bakers and are manufactured in France.

Products with rich aromas

As a croissant pastry specialist, Bridor finds its inspiration in traditional French baking, which values less haste, finer flavour, and moderation. During the manufacturing process, the pastry rests for several hours to give the buttery aroma time to develop, ensuring a finished product that has the delicious scent of fresh butter.

Rigorously selected ingredients

Bridor only selects the best ingredients: for example, pastries are always all-butter, hydrogenated fats are never used, and flour is purchased from French mills. It is these carefully chosen ingredients, as well as Bridor’s expert manufacturing, which guarantees you exceptionally tasty and flaky pastries.


They should be allowed to proof, then eggwashed before baking*:

  • For kitchens producing significant quantities of Viennese pastries on a regular basis
  • Requires a fermentation room (warm and damp), to enable the yeasts to develop, and preparation by personnel qualified in bakery.


They are supplied pre-proved and eggwashed. They are ready to bake straight from frozen.

  • A service product par excellence, they are quick and easy to prepare, guaranteeing freshness and flexibility.
  • Items can be baked on demand.
  • Ideal for the hotel and catering industries

Patisserie know-how

Since 2012, Bridor has enriched its offering of Viennese pastries and breads with patisseries. It has a dedicated patisserie production site at Pont de l’Isère near Valence in SE France.
Drawing on 20 years of experience, the Bridor teams prepare fine deep-frozen patisseries to the highest French standards, including all-butter shortbread biscuits, soft and moist choux pastry made with butter, and fruit compotes. Obeying the latest hygiene and food safety regulations as well as ancient know-how, our pastry chefs put all their energy into everything they do to offer you a taste experience like no other.

Gluten-free know-how

Drawing on its baking expertise, Bridor has taken up the gluten-free quality challenge in its new range consisting of a madeleine, a briochette and two small rolls (plain and seed). These products retain all the taste of others in the Bridor family thanks to choice ingredients such as gluten-free flour, butter, eggs and poppy seeds that combine health with happiness and enhance their gourmet quality. Their heat-resistant individual packaging (up to 160°C) allows them to be heated in the oven alongside other Bridor products without any danger of the one coming into contact with the other.

This fully baked range is characterised by a very short heating time: only a few minutes are needed to defrost the products directly in their packaging in a conventional or microwave oven and serve them to hungry customers. A complete, safe and practical range that will meet the highest expectations of the most demanding consumers. To learn more about gluten intolerance, visit the website of the Association Française des Intolérants au Gluten.

Deep-frozen products

Deep-freezing is a natural preservation technique

It consists in rapidly cooling food by exposing it to temperatures of -30°C to -40°C, thus crystallizing the water contained in the cells. The food must then be kept at a temperature of -18°C until used, which is why it is so important that the cold chain be maintained at all times by all parties involved. Deep-freezing combines two natural means of preservation – drying and cooling – and doesn’t change the composition of food but keeps it in a suspended state. It is particularly well suited to Viennese pastries with their high proportion of dry ingredients and low water content. Moreover, deep-freezing doesn’t affect the taste of Viennese pastries; quality lies in the recipe and preparation.

Deep-freezing has the following advantages

  • A 100% natural way of preserving food
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Guaranteed safe and hygienic
  • Practical (products are available on demand)